Учебник английского языка «Survival English»



Culture File 27:

Immigration control

See also Culture file 3, dates. U.S. immigration and customs forms ask for the international order for dates, DAY > MONTH > YEAR

Airlines give instructions for filling in immigration forms. Follow the instructions carefully, because if there are any mistakes, you will have to begin again. Don’t forget to sign U.S. forms on the back. You need a visa form If you have a U.S. visa. Many countries don’t need visas for the U.S.A. and citizens of these countries have a visa waiver form.

When you arrive at immigration there will be separate lines for U.S. citizens and for visitors to the U.S.A. The inspector will staple the Departure record in your passport. When you leave the U.S.A., make certain that the airline removes your Departure record from your passport.


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