Учебник английского языка «Survival English»





Culture File 3:


In the U.S.A., the 12-hour clock is used in business and in timetables. Add ‘a.m.’ for morning, or ‘p.m.’ for afternoon.
At three o’clock / At three p.m. 1 At six thirty / At six forty- five

In many other English-speaking countries, the twelve-hour clock is used in conversation, but the 24-hour clock is used
for timetables.

At seventeen hundred / at twenty-one fifteen


In the U.S.A. and Canada, abbreviations are written MONTH-DAY-YEAR, so 5/12/05 is May 12th 2005.

In the rest of the world, abbreviations are written DAY-MONTH-YEAR, so 5/12/05 is 5th December 2005.
On U.S. visa and immigration forms, they use the international system, DAY-MONTH-YEAR.


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  1. Хотелось бы иметь чтобы в курсе «Survival English» ко всем звуковым текстам был ещё написанные тексты. Тогда освоение материала было бы лучше очень трудно воспринимать текст только с голоса.