Учебник английского языка «Survival English»




Culture File 2:


English speakers like to use first names as soon as possible. British and Australian people use first names faster than Americans. In Britain, a doctor or a lawyer will often use first names. In North America, wait until someone invites you to use his / her first name.

When you are introducing yourself, you can indicate which name you want people to use.
Look at these examples.

My name’s Robertson. Michael Robertson. — People will call you Mr. Robertson.
My name’s Adams. Jessica Adams. — People will call you Ms. Adams.

My name’s Michael. Michael Robertson. — People will call you Michael.
My name’s Jessica. Jessica Adams. — People will call you Jessica.

Don’t introduce yourself as «I’m Mr. Robertson» or «I’m Ms. Adams.»

But you can introduce other people with titles, «This is Mr. Tanaka …» and you can introduce yourself and your partner as «We’re Mr. and Mrs. Lopez …»

Don’t use titles with first names. You can’t say «Mr. Potor» or «Mro. Anno
Women can choose whether to use Ms., Mrs. or Miss. If you don’t know, use Ms.


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