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Culture File 32:

American breakfasts

An American breakfast (or a traditional Canadian, English or Irish breakfast) is very large and is a hot, cooked breakfast. They are popular in hotels, and in diners. An ‘American breakfast’ might include juice, coffee, cereal or hot oatmeal, a cooked main course with eggs, bacon, sausages. pancakes, breakfast potatoes or hash browns, then toast and jelly or breakfast rolls. ‘Grits’ are a Southern U.S. specialty and are a kind of hot cereal.

A Full English breakfast is similar, but would not include grits or pancakes. Kippers (a smoked fish, served hot) might be offered as a choice instead of eggs and bacon, and tea is the usual drink. Nowadays, few people eat breakfasts like this at home (except perhaps on weekends). Many people have cereal, fruit yoghurt or a Continental breakfast (Continental = Europe without Britain) of rolls, jam and tea or coffee.

In hotels, breakfast is often a buffet where you can choose hot or cold food. There is a standard charge and you can eat as much as you like.


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