1 серия — The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy

"Эпизод с фантазией о принцессе Лейе." Моника тоскует по Ричарду. Рэйчел осуществляет тайную фантазию Росса, но из-за Чендлера ничего хорошего из этого не выходит. Джо пытается подружиться с Дженис.
babbling brook small, rocky stream that makes a lot of very relaxing sound
bastard unpleasant person
blink shut and open the eyes quickly
cuddle put your arms around sb. and hold them in a loving way
girth measurement around the middle of sth., esp. a person’s waist
give a shot make an attempt to do sth.
in a row one after another without a break
locker-room room where people can keep clothes, esp. while doing sport
nickel 5 cents in US currency
rip arm off tear the arm
squeaky making a very high sound
strafe attack enemy by shooting from aircraft
take a leap take a step; overstate
troop train military train
wink at сlose and open one eye quickly, as a signal of affection or greeting

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